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Some Viewers Might Find This Page Extremely Offensive

On this page you can get the brand new CIA Ice Knife for free.

Perhaps you’re wondering why you’d even want this amazing, dual purpose self defense weapon? The reasons why are simple.

The CIA Ice Knife turns the backbreaking chore of scraping icy windows into a walk in the park. That’s because the ultra-sharp knife edge busts stubborn ice off of your windshields and windows faster than almost any other ice scraper on the planet.

And the other reason?

It will help keep you safe in a self defense situation.

The CIA Ice Knife guarantees if you’re ever attacked by a psychotic thug... you will punish them... turning them into a bloody mess and saving your life in two-seconds flat.

That same knife edge that powers through ice...

Will also slice through skin, muscle and bone.

Odds are you want to be protected from dangerous attackers, right?

And who doesn’t want to make scraping ice off windows as easy as possible?

Especially when the tool that solves both problems is yours FREE on this page!

Central Intelligence Agency
Langley, Virginia USA


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Guess Which Government Agency Hates the
“CIA Ice Knife”?

The CIA Ice Knife is not your typical knife.

Unlike most knives, the CIA Ice Knife isn’t made of metal.

Instead, it’s made from a space-aged polyresin.

And this advanced material makes it undetectable to snooping government goons in the TSA. Which is why they hate it.

Fact is the ultra-sharp and super-tough polyresin is what makes the CIA Ice Knife perfect for people who want to stay safe and travel with a defense tool that can’t be detected by nosy government agents.

But getting past TSA isn’t the only impressive thing it does:

• Tough as nails: The polyresin your CIA Ice Knife is made of is one of the strongest materials on the planet! Use and abuse it for years and it’ll look just as good as the day you got it. Talk about a great investment.

• Savagely sharp: The micro-planed knife edge is so sharp, you won’t believe it’s not metal. The CIA Ice Knife will easily slice right through the thickest ice and will mutilate an attacker in seconds... keeping you safe in a dangerous world.

• Weighs next to nothing: Unlike most knives or ice scrapers, the CIA Ice Knife is practically weightless. It’s so light (just 0.5 oz.) you’ll never even notice you’re carrying it with you.

• Easy to use: Just grip the CIA Ice Knife and put your finger through the hole and you can power through ice (or an attacker’s skull) with zero issues.

• Ultra comfortable: The rounded edges on the palm and finger hole of the CIA Ice Knife is extremely comfortable; making de-icing your car a pain free experience you won’t dread anymore.

• Easy to conceal: The CIA Ice Knife is super thin and ultra-lightweight so you can carry it in a bag, a purse, or a pocket and carry it anywhere in the world. Also, since it is not made of metal, it won’t set off metal detectors and the simple design isn’t classified as a weapon so you can take it everywhere.

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Every single person here paid full price for their CIA Ice Knife.

And they were glad to do so. They knew buying a CIA Ice Knife would help keep them safe and also make the pain-in-the-butt chore of scraping their windows super easy.

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“My Favorite” - GK
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“My favorite of the three CIA tools.”

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"Best scraper I have ever used. Cuts through ice fast."

“Great for self defense” - GA
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"Great little self defense ice scraper”

“Very effective weapon in an emergency!” - NF
5.0 out of 5 stars
"Sturdy and convenient - scrapes the ice off your windows and is a very effective weapon in an emergency!"

“It Worked Beautifully” - KCK
5.0 out of 5 stars
"Compact design and very durable. This scraper got a workout within a week of it's arrival and worked beautifully."

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The entire truth on why the
“CIA Ice Knife” is FREE

You’re probably wondering why CIA Ice Knife is free... especially since it normally sells for $19.99...

There’s no catch behind this offer.

It really is free.

We just ask that you cover the cost of stamps to mail it to your home.

The reason we’ve done this in the first place is simple.

We’re giving you the FREE CIA Ice Knife because we hope you’ll buy from us again.

We’re Concerned Patriots; one of the largest survival/preparedness organizations on the planet.

With almost 200,000 members we’re confident you’ll love what we do.

And getting your FREE CIA Ice Knife automatically turns you into a member of Concerned Patriots.

To be clear, getting your FREE CIA Ice Knife today is all it takes to join this amazing organization. There is NO membership fee and you will NEVER be billed by us after you get your CIA Ice Knife.


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The CIA Ice Knife really is amazing.

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