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You Were Randomly Selected To Win A Self-Defense Weapon So Badass… It’s Already Been Banned In 4 States

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In just a moment, you’re going to see how you can get one of the most badass survival defense tools ever made for FREE.

But before we show you how to get it 100% FREE… we want to show you why you’d be crazy not to get this weapon.

As you know, the Declaration of Independence gives you an inalienable right to defend yourself.

Unfortunately, over the past few years lawmakers have banned Americans who are living in certain cities from owning this laser altogether.

The reason why is this: they want you unarmed.

You already know this is true, as you’ve seen them pass more and more laws that keep you from protecting yourself.

First, they started by taking away your gun rights.

You used to be able to buy guns like you bought groceries. Now, there are 1,000s of guns you’re not allowed to own… they make you fill out mounds of paperwork for the ones you can buy… and there’s even talk of putting anyone who buys a gun on a national registry.

Knives are just as problematic.

Some states forbid you from carrying them concealed, and they’ve even made certain lengths and models illegal.

Hell, laws against protecting yourself are so bad, there are 12 states who have outlawed pepper spray!

And, now, American lawmakers are trying to take away your right to own one of the most effective self-defense weapons ever made.

Here’s why…

This Military Grade Technology Is Legal to Own...For Now

The tool you just won for FREE is called the Light Defender Tactical Laser.

The reason it’s been banned?

Lawmakers don’t like Americans owning something this powerful.

The same way they don’t like you owning “assault rifles,” bump stocks, switchblades, and more.

Part of the reason they’re so uncomfortable with you owning a Light Defender Tactical Laser is because it’s a military-grade weapon.

In the mid-2000’s, the U.S. military started using lasers like the Light Defender Tactical Laser to fight dangerous enemies in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And, on October 30, 2017, the U.S. military put in an order for $50 million worth of green lasers to help us fight in the war against terror. This shows liberal lawmakers just how powerful these weapons are.

No, these lasers don’t kill our enemies…

Instead, when the intense lasers get in the enemy’s eyes, it turns them into slack-eyed zombies who can’t finish off their evil plans.

This is why lawmakers are frightened by The Light Defender Tactical Laser…

And it’s also why the sale and possession of the Light Defender Tactical Laser has already been banned in cities across 4 states, with more likely to come.

Truth be told, the non-lethal Light Defender Tactical Laser is essential for every American to own.

It goes where knives and guns don’t… and it keeps you safe in an increasingly violent world.

And, if you click the Green Button below, we’ll give you this $50 weapon for FREE.

All we ask is you cover the postage to get it to your door.

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You Might Ask Yourself,
“Should I Own A Laser That Can Blind A Person?”

The answer is yes, but only if you want to defend yourself.

Look, the military didn’t randomly select this laser in the fight against Muslim terrorists.

After extensive research of numerous laser types, they determined the 532nm laser diode is the best for non-lethal self-defense.

laser defender

And, as you might guess, the 532nm diode is what the Laser Light Defender is built around.

At this moment, it is the most powerful laser any civilian is legally allowed to own.

Seriously. The beam has so much energy it pierces rubber and will temporarily blind a person.

That kind of power isn’t to be taken lightly. And that’s even why it’s got a safety built onto it

What’s crazy is how lasers with a touch more power than the 532nm diode will melt metal and require permits for ownership.

Now the reason the military likes the 532nm so much (and the reason you will too) is it does things no rifle will ever do.

When they realized this laser shot over 10 miles… and that the flash of the laser across a person’s face temporarily dazzled their optic nerve and rendered their enemies dazed and confused… they knew they had an awesome weapon to take down enemies with without killing them.

This is also the reason citizens across the U.S. have been buying them.

Because guns and knives are outlawed across the U.S., people need alternative self-defense weapons.

And the Light Defender Tactical Laser is one of the best self-defense weapons ever built.

So good in fact…

So Good For Self-Defense
That Liberal Snowflakes Won’t Like This Next Part

Whether they like to admit it or not, by creating gun-free zones liberal snowflakes are responsible for 1,000s of helpless Americans getting killed in mass shootings.

And, while a gun is the best weapon for self-defense in these situations, those liberal snowflakes have made it almost impossible to carry them many places nowadays.

This is why everyone needs the Light Defender Tactical Laser.

Except for the 4 states it’s banned in, the Light Defender is legally allowed anywhere in the nation.

Which means it will go places a gun can’t.

Making it one of the best self-defense tools you could ever own.

And, because you entered to win the Contest… and were then chosen to win a Light Defender Tactical Laser, it’s yours FREE today.

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You’ll just have to pay the full price of $49.97 to own it. Either that, or you can get it from our competitors, who charge $80 - $100 for their models.

>> REMEMBER >> Anyone can own this weapon!

  • It does not require a permit to own.

  • It can be purchased without a background check.

And, thankfully, because that’s true, if you get your FREE Light Defender Tactical Laser today, the government can’t take it from you if they’re ever banned.

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