4 States Have Already Banned This Badass Self-Defense Tool Get Yours Before they’re Illegal in Your State!

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The Declaration of Independence says you have a right to defend yourself.

So why are lawmakers telling countless Americans they can’t have this amazing self-defense weapon?

It would appear they want you unarmed. You already know they’ve been doing it for years.

First they started taking your gun rights..

You used to be able to buy guns used like you bought groceries. Now, there are 1,000s of guns you’re not allowed to own, they make you fill out mounds of paperwork for the ones you can own, and there’re are talks of a national registry.

Knives are just as problematic.

Some states forbid you from carrying them concealed, and they’ve even made certain lengths and models illegal.

Hell, they’ve even passed in 12 states outlawing pepper spray!

And now, American lawmakers trying to take away your right to own one of the most effective self defense weapons ever made.

Here's why...

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This Military Grade Technology Is Legal to Own...For Now

In the past few years American lawmakers have systematically banned one of the most effective self-defense weapons ever made.

It’s called the Light Defender Tactical Laser.

The reason they’ve banned it? They don’t like Americans owning something this powerful..

The same way they don’t like you owning an AR-15

Part of the reason they’re so uncomfortable with you owning The Light Defender Tactical Laser is because it’s a military-grade weapon.

In the mid-2000s, the U.S. military started using lasers like The Light Defender Tactical Laser to fight dangerous enemies in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It doesn’t kill them...

Instead they use the intense laser to turn enemies into slack-eyed zombies who can’t finish off their evil plans.

This is why the lawmakers are frightened by The Light Defender Tactical Laser.

And that’s why the sale and possession of the Light Defender Tactical Laser has already been banned in cities across 4 states with more likely to come.

Truth be told the non-lethal Light Defender Tactical Laser is essential for every American to own.

It goes where knives and guns don’t.

And it keeps you safe in an increasingly violent world.

Here’s how it works.

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You Might Ask Yourself,
"Should I Have A Laser That Can Blind Someone?"

The military didn’t randomly select this laser to fight enemies abroad.

After extensive research, with numerous laser types, they determined the 532nm laser diode is the best for non-lethal self-defense.

And the 532nm diode is what the Laser Light Defender is built around.

At this moment, it is the most powerful laser any civilian is legally allowed to own.

Seriously. The beam has so much energy it can pierce rubber. That kind of power isn’t to be taken lightly and that’s even why it’s got a safety built on to it.

As a matter of fact, lasers a touch more powerful than the 532nm diode will melt metal and require permits for ownership.

So why exactly does the military start using the 532nm in war?

Well when they realized this laser shot over 10 miles...

And that flash of the laser across a person’s face scrambled their brain waves and temporarily dazzled their optic nerve…

They knew they had an awesome weapon to take down enemies without killing them.

This is also the reason citizens across the U.S. have been buying them.

Because guns and knives are outlawed across the U.S. people need alternative self-defense weapons.

And The Laser Light Defender is one of the self-defense weapons ever built.

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Liberal Snowflakes Won’t Like This Next Part...

Whether they like to admit it or not, liberal snowflakes are responsible for 1,000s of American deaths.

How? They created gun free zones.

Make no mistake, a gun is the best weapon for self-defense. And when liberals started telling people they couldn’t carry their guns in gun free zones (AKA “target-rich environments") they enabled 1,000s of mass murders.

With more gun-free zones being created every day you need a way to protect yourself. Even if you don’t regularly carry a handgun.

The Light Defender is the perfect tool to carry into gun free zones.

The first reason is because it’s 100% legal to take anywhere in the U.S.

Except for the 4 cities it’s banned in, the Light Defender is legally allowed anywhere in the nation.

Which means it goes places guns can’t.

Here’s why that’s so important…

Imagine You Were Caught In A Mass Shooting...

Imagine you were caught in a mass shooting inside of a gun-free zone.

You already know the odds a good guy with a gun coming to the rescue are low (because they follow laws and wouldn’t have a gun handy).

As the bullets ring out, and people get shot you know have to act.

What would you do? Freeze and cross your fingers he doesn’t shoot you until the cops show up? Run and expose your back to the shooter?

Hell No!

If you’ve got a Light Defender Tactical Laser you don’t have to be a victim.

You can fight back!

Remember, the Light Defender’s laser has a 10-mile range (longer than any bullet), it sets fire to objects, and is used by the military to scramble brain waves and fry optic nerves.

That means you can shine it in a shooter’s eyes instantly blinding them so you can escape!

If you don’t believe that’ll actually work, consider this. According to U.S. law it is illegal to shine a 532nm laser at a passing jetliner.

The reason?

The power of the laser entering the cockpit and hitting a pilot in the eyes is enough to blind them and cause a fatal crash. If a laser will blind a pilot in a jet 5 miles away... it’ll easily blind a shooter in the same room as you.

And that’s why it’s an absolute must for everyday self-defense.

But that’s not the only reason the Light Defender is better than a gun…

Lawmakers HATE This Fact about the Light Defender

One of the major reasons America is so dangerous today is because when lawmakers can’t ban something outright, they’ll make it hard for you to get the weapons you need for protection.

Think about it. They can’t ban guns, so what did have they done?

They require background checks, paper trails, and other stupid hoops for you to jump through before you get one.

Not only is that unconstitutional, it puts you in grave danger.

Fortunately The Light Defender requires none of these things, and lawmakers hate that.

Snooping lawmakers can’t prove you own a Light Defender since…

  • It does not require permit to own.
  • Can be purchased without a background check.

And if they can’t prove you own the Light Defender, they can’t take it from you!

Granted that’s only true for now...

On October 30, 2017 The U.S. military put in an order for $50 million dollars worth of green lasers for our fight in the war against terror. This shows liberal lawmakers just how powerful these weapons are. Which means the chances the Light Defender and other 532nm lasers will be regulated is higher than ever.

That’s bad.

If they’re regulated it’ll be harder to buy one and they can be taken from you at the drop of a hat. Which is a great reason why you should get one now as opposed to later. Make no mistake, the fact the Light Defender is gun free zone legal, and requires no permit or background check are great reasons to get this weapon before it’s banned.

But there are even more.

The Awesome Reason Survivalists Are
Using the Light Defender

Not only is the Light Defender one of the best weapons for self-defense ever created. It’s also an incredible survival tool.

Like we showed you, the Light Defender’s 532nm diode blasts a concentrated beam strong enough to start a fire. Which means if things ever start going downhill fast you’re prepared.

  • It’s bombproof: If you’re going to trust your life to a tool, it’s gotta be tough. Thanks to its all aluminum construction and reinforced components you can treat it like dirt and it’ll work just as good as the day you got it.

  • Can be used as an emergency signal: The Light Defender is so bright if you’re ever lost, you can use it as an emergency signal. In fact, that U.S. Navy said it was the best emergency signal of all time.

  • A great backup flashlight: While the beam’s quite concentrated, the total amount of light coming from the Light Defender is strong enough to give you tons of bright light in an emergency.

  • Increases accuracy with a gun: Mount this to a rifle and it helps you get rounds on target much more efficiently than with ordinary sites. Great for self-defense and hunting too!

Seriously, These Could Be Banned At Any Time!
Get Yours Today

The simple fact the U.S. military put in a $50,000,000.00 order for more green lasers prove they’re great for self-defense. That’s also why the liberals are going to gear up and try and ban them sooner than later. After Vegas everything’s on the table for lawmakers to ban.

This is why we’re making a huge push to get Light Defender Tactical Lasers in as many people’s hands as possible. As you might expect, military grade technology like this doesn’t come cheap.

The lasers the military uses are roughly $2,000 a piece.

And with these self-defense tools facing a possible ban, some companies are taking advantage of consumer and charging $100 - $200 per laser.

We hope to sell them in stores for $59.97 (provided they're not banned)

But as part of a limited time Internet-only promotion you can get one day for the incredible price of just $29.97.

You simply will not find a better deal on this kind of laser.

So make sure to get yours now, before it's too late.

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Wondering Why The Price Is So Low?

The answer’s simple.

We’re Concerned Patriots; one of the largest survival/preparedness organizations on the planet.

We exist to get HIGH-QUALITY gear into the hands of people all over the U.S. so they’re prepared for the worst life has to offer.

When we heard how self-defense lasers were being banned we bought several truckloads full at a massive discount.

Now, we’re passing those savings onto you so Americans nationwide can protect themselves.

Like we mentioned, you could buy a Light Defender elsewhere for $100 - $200.

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Your Light Defender Tactical Laser Comes With a
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Once the Light Defender arrives in your home and you fire up the 532nm laser we’re sure you’re going to fall in love with it.

You’ll appreciate that it could help save your life.

However, if for any reason (or no reason at all) you’re not satisfied with your Light Defender let me know and we’ll refund every penny you spent.

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