Amazing New AA Battery “Hack”
Will Save You Money and Could Save Your Life

Duracell and Energizer don’t want you to see this…

That’s because this incredible trick will help you replace regular-old AA batteries forever.

When you start using this AA-battery hack you may save $100s and $100s…

And as you’ll see on the Below, this AA battery shortcut could easily save your life in an emergency.

I guarantee this is one of the most amazing pieces of technology you’ve ever seen.

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Duracell, Energizer and Others Don’t Want
You To Know This About Their Batteries

For years major battery companies like Duracell, Energizer, etc. have enjoyed major success as millions of Americans were forced to buy their batteries to power their electronic devices.

Which doesn’t make sense considering this brand new invention has made the traditional AA battery obsolete.

What you may not know is the AA battery you’ve got in your remote, digital camera and survival flashlight has remained virtually unchanged since it was invented in 1907.

AA batteries are over 100 years old…

And the only major improvements to the AA battery happened in 1969 when they figured out how to make them rechargeable.

Sadly, for the past 100 years Duracell, Energizer, Rayovac and other companies have been happily taking your money…

Without ever coming out with a better, more powerful product.

Not only does that mean you’ve been ripped off...

These inefficient batteries have also left a huge hole in prepper's defenses

Fortunately a brand new AA battery technology is here...

A technology that will change how AA batteries are bought forever… and could cost big-battery companies billions of dollars.

Introducing the Ultra Charge AA Battery:
The Battery That Could Bankrupt Duracell

Today we’d like to show you the brand new battery technology that’s forever changing the way people buy batteries.

Introducing the Ultra Charge USB Rechargeable AA Battery.

Also known as the "Ultra Charge".

The Ultra Charge may look like a standard AA battery, but it’s a lot better.

The reason it’s far superior to traditional AA batteries has to do with how it recharges.

The Ultra Charge is the world’s first USB Charging battery.

It contains a specialized USB charging tip that will charge anywhere there's a USB port.

This feature gives you 100s (if not 1,000s) of different options for quick charging.

There isn’t a Duracell or Energizer on the planet that does that.

Here are just a handful of places you can charge your Ultra Charge Battery:

  • Plug it into a computer to bring it to full power
  • Hook it up to your phone’s USB charging block to get some juice
  • Link it up to a portable power bank to charge it on a whim
  • Have your car give it a quick jolt of energy

Truly there are endless charging options.

Even better?

The Ultra Charge charges faster than any other rechargeable AA battery.

A full hour faster, as a matter of fact.

That means less time waiting for your battery to charge...

And more time using your device.

This alone makes the Ultra Charge the obvious choice to power your household electronics.

But where the Ultra Charge really shines is the incredible way it’ll help save your life.

The Obvious Reason The Ultra Charge Is the
Ultimate Battery for Survival Situations

Many of the survival tools you own (flashlights, radios, emergency beacons, etc.) are likely charged by AA batteries.

And if you were caught in a crisis and didn’t have Ultra Charge Batteries, you could be facing a big problem when these tools eventually died.

Here’s why...

Once non-rechargeable batteries die, they’re dead. You won’t get any further use out of them.

So in a survival situation, if you want to make sure your devices are powered, you'll have to carry your backpack full of AA batterries just so you can use your gear.

This Isn't Exactly Ideal In A Crisis.

Rechargeable batteries aren’t any better for survival...

That's because they’ll only charge with a special wall-mounted charger.

Obviously, if you’re out in the middle of the woods (1,000 miles from an outlet) and your batteries die, then you’re screwed.

Thinkfully, the Ultra Charge fixes both of these problems.

Because the Ultra Charge is charged via USB, you can charge it from anywhere on the planet.

Whether that’s hooked up to a portable solar charger, a spare battery bank, or a hand-crank radio, this battery can be charged anywhere there’s USB power.

Duracell and Energizer just can’t do that.

In fact, there’s a lot more Duracell and Energizer CAN'T do that the Ultra Charge CAN.

Take a look...

6 Incredible Reasons The Ultra Charge is
The Best AA Battery Ever

  • Loaded With MORE Power:

    Every Ultra Charge Battery has a large-capacity battery bank. With a whopping 1450 MaH, the Ultra Charge Battery has more than enough power to keep most standard electronics charged for hours of constant use.

  • Saves you weight (lightest AA battery around):

    Thanks to its advanced battery core, each Ultra Charge battery weighs just 0.80 oz. That’s 25% lighter than other name-brand AA batteries, and translates into critical weight savings (especially when you pack them into a go-bag, or place them into an electronic device).

  • Charges anywhere in the world:

    Because the Ultra Charge battery charges via USB, you can charge them anywhere in the world.

    Many people use portable solar chargers to get these batteries charged while they’re miles from civilization. (BONUS - If you purchase Ultra Charge Batteries today we’ll give you a chance to get Portable Solar Chargers For a Major Discount!).

  • Built to Last:

    The Ultra Charge Battery isn’t just a great survival tool because it charges via’s also built tough. Like other batteries, the Ultra Charge features a tough aluminium casing.

    This means it’ll last a long time during terrible circumstances. The removable cap is made from a durable thermo-molded plastic, so it too will stand up to almost anything. You can have peace of mind knowing the Ultra Charge will always be there when you need it.

  • Super Fast Charging:

    The Ultra Charge Battery charges a full hour faster than standard rechargeable AAs, making it one of the fastest-charging rechargeable batteries around. No more waiting around to get a full charge!

  • Guaranteed to Save You Money:

    Because the Ultra Charge Battery will give you 500+ full recharges, it will save you $100s when compared to buying regular batteries.

Today You Can Get
Ultra Charge Batteries for 50% Off

When you look at that list, you can easily see how Big-Name battery companies could easily go out of business if everyone used the Ultra Charge.

Truth be told the Ultra Charge has been called one of the best new technology innovations of the past few years!

They’ll perfectly power any and all AA-powered electronics you own.

From remotes to flashlights, they’ll work time and time again.

Not to mention they'll save you massive amounts of money.

But even more important...

With Ultra Charge Batteries in your toolkit you’ll be ready for any kind of crisis.

And while they’re guaranteed to help save you money...they could also save your life!

From the cost savings to the fact these USB-charged batteries will charge anywhere...

It’s easy to see why the Ultra Charge is the best AA battery on the planet.

Because these batteries use a new technology, they typically have a fairly high retail price of $39.97.

Fortunately, you can get Ultra Charge Batteries today - without paying retail.

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