This Is One Of The World’s Most Dangerous Flashlights
And It May Soon Be Impossible For Americans To Get

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You are in danger, thanks to crooked politicians passing hundreds of new laws that increase crime AND make it increasingly difficult to defend yourself with a gun or knife.

For this reason it’s not only important you grab this powerful new flashlight to protect yourself…

It’s also crucial you get one before they become impossible to get.

The flashlight you see on this page is no ordinary flashlight…

It’s actually a brutal weapon that’ll help you defend yourself against the largest of criminals.

In many cases it’s even better than a gun or knife for powerful self-defense.

Mainly because there are no laws keeping you from purchasing or carrying this weapon with you…

And also because it’s much less intimidating to use than a gun or a knife.

Introducing the Stun Club Tactical Flashlight

Because career criminals in Congress have endangered the American public, we’ve decided to introduce a brand new weapon that will save you from violent thugs.

It’s called the XL Stun Club Tactical Flashlight - AKA “the Stun Club.”

At first glance this flashlight looks like one of those Maglites that were popular in the 80s.

But the truth is the Stun Club is much more than a normal flashlight…

It’s one of the few flashlights that doubles as a dangerous weapon.

A weapon that gives a frail 90-pound woman the power to defeat a 300-pound attacker.

Here are three more reasons the Stun Club is a dangerous flashlight…

Reason #1: It Makes Criminals Lose Their Lunch

The Stun Club is superior to the cheap plastic lights you’d buy to light your home if the power went out.

If you look closely at it you’ll see why…

Notice anything about the front of the light?

It’s made out of solid metal with thick ridges of raised aluminum.

And those ridges aren’t decorative, either…

They’re meant to be used for one purpose…

To club someone over the head if you ever need to defend yourself from an attacker.

This is exactly why the Stun Club is called a club.

And this makes it a bonafide weapon for self-defense.

Think about it this way… police carry billy clubs to subdue attackers.

Which is why you can trust the Stun Club to help you knock the living daylights out of a creep who’s trying to take your wallet - or your life!

And while the Stun Club is a club… that’s not what makes it the world’s most dangerous flashlight…

Reason #2: It’s Especially Helpful If You’re Over 55

Once you know the truth about modern-day crime statistics you’ll realize why this “club” feature is so useful.

Ready for it?

Crime statistics show criminals are targeting people over 55 with increasing frequency.

And the reason why is scary.

These criminals know they’re stronger and faster than the elderly. And they’re attacking them at night so they can rob, rape and murder them.

All because they know if you’re over 55 you’re an easy target.

Now here’s the good news - and it’s something these criminals don’t realize

The Stun Club Will Defeat An Attacker Based On This Biological Fact

The Stun Club’s incredibly bright LED bulb has the power to temporarily blind someone if they attack you.

This is a biological fact!

Once the human eye has adjusted to the dark, an intense blast of concentrated light shined into the eye will cause temporary blindness.

And since the Stun Club has an XXX lumen LED bulb it takes just milliseconds to render their eyesight useless.

Which will help you escape and will STOP them from carrying out whatever disgusting plans they had for you…

And while we’re at it let’s not forget this fact about the Stun Club...

It’s a flashlight - and an awesome one at that.

The XXX lumen light and its X settings are bright enough to light up an entire football field…

Yet you can dim it enough to provide a tactical light that doesn’t give away your position.

It’s the perfect flashlight for self-defense…

And for anytime you need a light.

However, that’s still not what makes this the most dangerous flashlight you could own…

Reason #3: It’s So Dangerous It Requires A Safety

If you’re skeptical that the Stun Club really is dangerous then this will put all your doubts to rest.

The Stun Club isn’t just a baton or an ultra-bright light…

It’s also a 5.8 Million Volt Stun Gun!

All you do is press this button →

… and the Stun Club will roar to life with a sickening crackle.

A crackle that’ll give you confidence that the heart-stopping electricity now pulsing at the tips of your fingers will stop an attacker in their tracks.

And stopping an attacker is exactly what the 5.8 million volts coursing through this 3-amp stun gun will do.

One touch of the Stun Club will disrupt the rhythm of a person’s heart - paralyzing them so they can’t harm you or the ones you love.

You don’t have to aim or stab…

Just press this stun gun to their body and this flashlight will zap them like an electric fence caging in a wayward cow.

This tool is especially useful since any person of any size can simply flip a switch and deliver a powerful electric shock to disable an attacker instantly!

Now that you see how dangerous this defense tool is…

It’s time to get yours before they become impossible to own.

Get Your XL Stun Club Before They’re Impossible To Get

First things first…

The Stun Club is a legitimate stun gun.

Problem is, it’s so powerful spineless lawmakers have BANNED the sale of this stun gun in the following states: Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island.

And numerous other state governments are also considering banning it (as if crazy gun laws weren’t bad enough).

That’s why if you live in a state where it’s still legal to own an XL Stun Club…

You need to get yours ASAP.

Fortunately for you not only is this defense tool still legal in most areas across the U.S…

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